two people cleaning a windshield

How should you clean the inside of car windows?

Cleaning the Inside of Your Windows

You’ve meticulously cleaned the interior. It’s been vacuumed, the dash has been wiped down, and now it’s time to clean the windows. So you grab some glass cleaner and paper towel and go to town. Except now there’s smears everywhere. Oh well. There’s nothing you can do, right?

Not quite. Here’s how you should clean the inside of car windows.

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How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windows

You’ll need some microfiber cloths or rags, glass cleaner*, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. Once you have those, then:person driving a car near the ocean

  • Wipe down the glass with microfiber cloth.
  • Splash some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe down the glass. If you’re near the ocean, vinegar will dissolve sea salt.
  • Using another clean rag, spray glass cleaner on the cloth—not the glass—and wipe in circular motions. Change out dirty rags for clean ones as necessary.
  • Use a fresh cloth and wipe the glass with up-and-down motions to make sure windows are completely dry.

*Household glass cleaner will damage vinyl, leather, and window tint. Use auto-specific glass cleaner or one of the two following mixtures: 1. 50% rubbing alcohol, 50% water, and a capful of vinegar. 2. 70% water, 15% window cleaner, 15% alcohol.

Easier Streak-Free Shine

Even with the above precautions, getting that coveted streak-free shine won’t be guaranteed. Use the following tips to aide you.

  • Wash your windows last. Your car should be clean inside and out before you start.
  • Park your car in the shade or clean glass at cooler times of day. High temperatures and direct sunshine will make the window cleaner evaporate faster than you can wipe it away properly.
  • Don’t use rags that have been used for other things, even if they’re clean. Dirt and grime tend to work their way into the fibers and stay there.

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