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Who will approve my credit for a used car in Auburn, ME?

There comes a time in all of our lives when we need to buy a new vehicle. It doesn’t have to be new new, but we simply cannot keep driving the one we currently have. In order to keep on track with our daily routine, we need something that’s more capable and in better condition.

Unfortunately, obtaining a better car can be a big challenge for those with poor credit. In this situation, buyers need to find a dealership willing to work with those of their particular, less-than-ideal credit level. Where can one find a dealership to work with buyers with bad credit in Auburn, ME?

Financing for All Credit Levels at K & R Auto Sales

Here at K & R Auto Sales, our finance team works hard to approve customers of all credit levels. That includes shoppers with bad credit, poor credit, no credit, and even great credit! Our team has evolved a not-insubstantial expertise in vehicle financing. They are able to work with a variety of institutions in order the find the deal that works for you.

Note: If you’re nervous about financing a vehicle with bad credit, check out our handy tips page. In brief, be sure to check the interest rates, determine how much of a down payment you can handle, and read all the paperwork.

Apply for Online Pre-Approval

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